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April 22, 2022 SPECIAL


Electronic Literature 4.16.2022

guys i will fill this in later i swear im just busy with school but i went to a bunch of short classes at a uni and my favorite one was about electronic literature i learned so much cool stuff

April 15, 2022

Happy Friday itis the first official day of spring breka im chillin. (THIS PARAGRAPH MAKES ME SAD DONT READ IT TBH!) Not really.beacsue. my dad was fixing my compuetr yesterday and long story short i was really PISSY because he kept waking me up at night when i wanetd to sleep early. but i shouldnt have been so mean so i feel bad. but the worst part is he needed to make space to install an update and he didnt want to bother me anymore so he deleted all my downlaods thinking there was nothign important in there. adn you wont guess guys. ALL my stuff was in downlaods. adn i tried everyhting adn cant get them abk but oh well... at least msot of my graphics were in the google drive but i kind of had a lot that i hadnt synced to it yet. too bad..nothign to be done... im just chilling now
my current dilemna is i want to do to amny things that involve listening. I want to listen to teh bends which i am doing becasue i need to lsiten to SOMETHIGN while im blogging. but also i wany to listen to a wtyp podcast becasue its been a while since ive sat downa dn actualy listened. and i also want to finish this nft video essay on youtube but i also want to watch this web3.0 one but i aslo want to watch this one on vampires before dracula and thers so many others in my watch later. Also this is somethign i could do while liek lsitening to music i want to read dracula really bad its been sitting on my desk im gettign the itch. but im kidn fo too lazy i could also read manga but ive been bored byb everythign im reading lately. ok guys ill actually listen to the bends and try to write my essay but im not making any promises

April 10, 2022

update this is all out fo order i was right you guys i took my meds and i am chilling now so hard

i dont want to fo to choir

Ok nobofy read this aim just writing becase i hope it will make me feel better so i can atelast cncentrate on my work. iiam just sad i think idnotn knwo how i feel ijsuycanot stop crying i am just being abrat i think i nothing has HAPPEND to me ijust alwaysu feel bad for myself idontknow why im liek this. adnits liek nobody is alalowed ot feel abd wihtout me takign it so personally liek iithin k eveyroen just haets em eprmanently for ever and icant stop thinkign it i know its not true butimjust thik liek evrythign is ruined for ever. butiam so selfish peopea re aloewd to feel bad iknow they will fee better later. I should just go to therapy again but then i will have even less time with my friends and it will prpnaly just not begood for me i am probbaly just sayign that i rpoabkyk need therapy. kidont care im sure i wil be fine when i wake up tomorrwo butiam gwetting so tried of thikig like that it workslike iam fine but it feels liek the amount of time ithat i am ok keeps getgnshorter ims ure im just stressed by school but o am tired of saying tht too this is notbecause of schol ohmy gofd its juts my brain admbut i cant admit it itliek im not allowed to feel bad either i am allowed to feelbad fro dumb reasons but ifeel like that is such a burden on everyone andi am just the number one cuase of everyones worries adn problems i am so fuckign narcissiscisiiytic. Godi should delete this becase iwill see ti tomottow anda want to klll myself beacsue i make such big deals outof evyrhitngbutohmy go ugh .it sucksso bad i need alobotomy get me out liek i thgought i was ok andthen suddenly iamjust notok i think too muhc ime ecying ag8ing oh my god stop i jsut wantto get my work done then i will feel fineadni will feel so fien tomorrwo but what if eervyeone else doesnt. iam SUCH A BBAY get oevr it egt over it im doign vhemistry now please Feeling like:arima from kare kano.L.O.L.
Ypdate: my heart stoppe beating so afst icanot concntrate stllw ahtever mayeb isbhiudl opne mesages ims of uckign tired i hate
i frogot to rkae my meds yesterday that si all im ok yu gusy im fine.

April 09, 2022

Hi guuuyyys. im so sleepy its t3echincally epril 10 but i but ok. im so sleepy. today my irl friends invited me out to dinner for their birthdays. but bfore then i woke up at like 1 pm. LAAAAAAME. i set an alarm at 8:30 but i think i forgot to turn it on so i was really sad about that when i woke up. but then i showered and i ate mexican food for lunch so i was happy adn i was chatting and hanging out wiht selin adn alice wehn she woke up. and i went shopping for presents to get my friends aaand then i got ready and went to dinner. it was pretty fun we had PIZOOKIES for dessert they were os funny adn yumy/ also they were all like 45 minutes late to their own birthday dinner shakes head i waited innthe parkign lot talkign to selin and alice while they games. but it was fun and i dont regret goign but i was sad i couldnt hang out with selin and alice adn i will be busy tomorrow and that is just sad! sad. and i wanted to work on my site iw as inspired by seeing how awesome selins looks but i ended up not. instead me and alice watched all of nyan neko sugar girls adn then we watched the first episode of ahs and i AHTED IT. shouldve wathced the dropout instead. whATVER had fun anyway im koneko chan. i shoudl work on my site mroe soon idk when i will be able to i need to fix this stupid thign it is like this and idk why boohohoohoo,. i miss selin. that smy blog guys. i sound sad mostly i am just sleepy ok. goodnight. yawns goodnught. yawn loveyou

April 08, 2022

Hi!!!! Happy April 8th So soooo Whats up guys been a few days since i blogged i shoudl try to do it evryday beacsue i dont rememebr what happened before today but here i am. It was SO hot today max of 93 degrees f I am still fuckign melting it is 12:24 am let me go. I have so much work in school F quarter 4 im so stressed but i am havign fun a little. also in school we are having multicultural week?and clubs sold a bunch of food during lunch th epast 4 days it was terribly overpriced but its a fundraiser so what ever. i had a mochi donut today its been so long it was sort of MID and it was melting on all my shit from the heat but it was worth it becasue the texture bro! When i got home i felt like I was dying for like 45 minutes my stomach hurt so abd but i took a shit and felt ok. is this tmi to be putting on my public blog whatever. it happend again later but it was fine. When i hung out with selin we talked about our pony ocs so cute! i have so many ideas now giggles! i was too lazy to work on my site today i barely did anything productive though. Iam chatting wiht alice now we are bffs we are hangign out so hard and we talked about harry potter which i really want to reread and watch right now but i CANT i have somuch stuff to do.
On the topic of stuff to do i have to write an essay on the great gastby for monday but do not worry i will not bore youwiht school instead I will talk about my latest obsession the great gatsby. Curse 11th grade english i have become so obsessed witht his book it makes me so fuckign emotional thinking about it and this makes me feel like i am a 7th grader fujo i am guilty i only read this book because I wanted Jay and Nick to kiss. I am so fuckign cringe get me OUT of here. I must confess that i even sunk so low as to read a FANFIC. I swear I didn't ask for this guys I just. The book is just so sad i dont want to put spoilers on here i think but it is just so so sad I am not actaully just into it for fujoshi reasons I had FUN writing my character analysis worksheet i wantto cry so bad jay gastby you are so tragic everyone yuoa re so tragic unbelievable man Disillusionment is so crazy. Shakes head. I need to stop this before i start hyperventilating goodnight diary. Also i wrote April 8th it is april 8 i would usually put april 7th in this case but in case i dont blog tomorrow/today i want to have an entry on april 8 BECAUE APRIL 8TH!!!!!! but any ways good bye. until the next time. i hope i will have moved on from this disgusting book

April 03, 2022

Hello everyone!!! I haven't updated in nearly a week i wish i could say its because i was busy but that is sort of not true... oopsie anyways happy sunday/monday. Currently I am sort of stressed out because theres not toomuch left in teh school year and I ahve a ton of projects and exams and then I'll need to worry abotu college apps Oh ym god Oh my god get me outof here. All that is keeping me sane right now is my friends and my music and as much as i hate to admit it.. the man himself..paul dano... On Friday I watched Little Miss Sunshine finally and its SO good I Know nobody but alice and selin is reading this but if somehow youa re and you ahven't watched it you must you simply must i cry i want to rewtach it rihgt now.. Oh another thign I did not mention is drawing drawing drawing I'm ahving so much fun i love doing and since friday me and selin, pissed off by r/place have been doing our own personal little pixel art thing its so much fun i drew ponies and album covers in pixels so so so much fun. Drawing is probably the reason I have not been blogging it's too hard to pull myself away. I watched a ton of other movies (dano ones..sigh..) and things apart from sunshine! I watched ruby sparks with selin and alice and oh my god it was so underwhelming.. it was just disappointing and and not fun at all which could also be because i watched it in 2x speed (I was in a rush to go to my favorite korean restaurant for dinner ok) but man itwas just not that great. then i watched takign lives with alice which we thought would be epic and have lots of pretty paul dano in it but SPOILER! hes only in there for like two minutes and is then replaced by the most hideous man I've ever seen who has gross sex with a woman (he is totally gay though) but the end kind of made up for it i guess. i laughed. and then i watched the dropout with alice i forget what episode were on but man it is just crazy and I feel bad for elizabeth but only in the show i cannot um draw a connection the the real lfie one which si a good thing. and maaan i just love edmond hes just so good he makes me cry.. omg and i also binged young royals like on thursday night or somehting my irls had told me to and i didnt want to becasue i thought it would be like... typical sexy unrealistic boarding school teen drama that makes me want to rip my hair out and cry of boredom and frustration btu then i saw it on netflix adn foudn out there was GAY PEOPLE and i just couldn't resist the temptation.. and it was kind of good..i will be watching season 2 when it comes.. the first episode made me unsure but it got better as it got um gayer.. i am just a fujo you guys. is there aynthign else... cant think of anything... oh yea i took a stats test on wednesday (because i was absent on tuesday again out fo anxiety oopsie) and it was pretty easy i am so anxious to find out what i got hopefully relaly good. Sorry for ending this diary entry on the topic of school oooops.. Um let em cancel it out what else do i ahve to say..just i love mu friends bro. they the cutest and best love love love. Have a good week everyone iw ill try to remember to update often I'm going to read now for a bit i think
P.S. Look heres some of the little pixel stuff i made (twi is sort of copied everythign else is meeeeee =3

March 28, 2022

Hi guys it is Monday. I got home yesterday early but I forgot to blog. Oopsies! Umm now ill tell you about my weekend. Wekll when i think about it not much. I went to the forest this weekend for a conference thign and i was in the forest and it was epic becasue the forest is cute. I left on friday after school it was cute the route i took was really pretty and i'll put some pictures on the gallery (finally using it). On the way there I stopped for dinner at COSTCO i ate a hotdog and a slice of cheese pizza and a pepsi it was so yummy costco is best roadtrip food objectively you guys. Um while I was there in theforest i was kind of lonely the whole time.TBH! Felt like everyone knew eachother and i barely knew what was going on also becasue i got there late and missed the opening presentation thing. I was super anxiosu half the time but you know what I still had fun. It was kidn of fun to hide from everyone when I didn't knwo what we were doing by just taking walks around the forest.. And the trip back was fun too I ate at a super yummy mexican restaurant in the middle of the road. the area was super country though not even the waiters were wearing masks.. not what iam used to! At home i just hung out with alice and selin not too much new stuff we played FUNKY FRIDAY i missed them really bad so it was fun to chat! Today I am staying home from school beacuse im sick i really hope i did not get covid rfom one of the people that were not wearing their masks all weekend! I htink that is all im tired Im going to bother selin more right now to hang out with me! Ok bye have a good week friends.

March 25, 2022

12:03 - I am in history right now what is up you guyd. I felt like blogging in the middle of the day I don't have much to say other than I f ing love my friends!!!! They are the best and theyre really cute!!!! Also I am realy nervous for APs wawawa and I'm hungry right now ok I'm done

March 24, 2022

HAPPY THURSDAY!!!! I love thursdays always so pleasant. Today my wrist is feeling a bit better i realy just need to leave it alone oopsie... i almost finished the great gatsby today but i got too tired im so nervous to finsih it. We also had a sports assembly at school and they made all the team captains play a game where they pop balloons by sitting on eachothers laps and bouncing up and down OK... At home i called selin imissed hsi voice weeeee and we played funky friday ad did all the usual things... and then i wrote letters to send to selin and alice i love mail so excited i have epic surprises for them!!! I'm so nervous it'll get lost in the mail like alice's birthday card did but I will be super careful to get everything right and pray so hard it makes it quick! right now I am chatting with alice and about to go to bed after i publish this. my tummy also kind of hurts sad
Oh yeah and!! Tomorrow I am leaving to a thing for this weekend and I will likely not blog until i get back sunday. But I will hopefully have tons of stuff to talk about (I HOPE!) I will miss you all my dear loyal fans!
Have a good weekend (ノ・_-)☆

March 23, 2022

It took me strating a blog to realize how little actually goes on for me during weekdays but whatver i love to write in my diary. Today i fell on my wrist while playing badminton in gym i keep getting injured while playing this i go so hard and i still only manage to return the bird 50% of the time but it is so much fun dont care!!!!! I also started reading kare kano i LOOVE IT SO FAR its super cute~~~~ Other than that just chatted with my friends all day i lov them sososomuch theyre teh bestest friends ever. ia lso listened to msuci with selin i am manipulating his scrobbles so hard muahahahaha ლ(`∀´ლ) That is about all!!! I think im having a pretty good week I know i said nothigns really going on but i enjoy it i am chilling so hard right now man.. Ok thast all see you tomorrow!
oh mu god also i realize i should put somehtign in my manga diary soon ive finsihed two mangas lately and started this and have so many i want to write about but it it sjut soo much work..... eventually..

March 22, 2022

Hello heleloo hello tuesday WHAT UP GUYS Today i was so tired even thoughi slept more yesterday... ;-; and we played badminton in gym again and i thought my arm was finally bettter but now it hurts again boohoohooo... But i went back to daiso after school for another surprise that i abandoned yesterday... i ended up also gettign more stickers and candy but its ok dont i deserve it!!! I did my work at home then listened to music and chatted with selin and I just read Ch.303 of skip beat hehehhehoho hehehee so cute! I am realy tired still so I'm trying to sleep soon but i dont knwo doesnt feel like ive been productive enough today.. I'll try to do some work before midnight since i start an hour later tomorrow anyway.. Today was a good day for music though.. nto to be an annoying nerd but great scrobbles today guys. and i rediscovered my love for teh microphones and the hotelier i fuckinh love music. OK bye bye

March 21, 2022

Surprise guys I'm killign myself i accidentally deleted this blog entry. In summary i got a 52/50 on my stats test i love statistics woo. and i went to daiso and i got melon cream soda and new stickers and a surprise. b

March 20, 2022

Hi!!! Happy Sunday! I didn't do much today. Woke up late as I alwasy do on weekends and i ate choconana pancakes at denny's. they were pretty yummy i love pancakes. I went home and had the epicest conversation with selin and alice. That's about it! Lazy Sunday~~~~ talk more tomorrow friends

March 19, 2022

Hello to all!! This is my second blog entry =D Today I woke up pretty late but that is nothing new... And i want to show you all the tree in my front yard that is blossoming right now!

Cute isn't it?? I forget what type of tree it is but it blossoms like this once a year for a few days and it smells so good and leaves my entry pathway covered in petals,, sooo pretty. I went out for lunch to my favorite dumpling place wiht my dad and my brother it was super yummy as always ^^ When I came home the most exciting thing happened@!!!!!!!!!! I GOT MY LETTER FROM ALICE!!!! FINALLYYY!!!! It was so cute you guys she sent me the sweetest letter and an outline of her hand to compare with mine and [REDACTED] that i cant mention here becasue itll spoil the surprise for selin AND. get this. her HAIR!!!! It was like unicorn hair i wrapped it around my wounds and they instantly disappeared and saved my life. Thank you Alice!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡ The hair is on my wall now rigthtnext to my valentine's card from Selin. I love my friends!!
Anyway, after that, I played stardew valley with Alice and Selin for a while. It was super fun and we played my fav event, the fair. We hung out for a little after while we all worked on our websites. Good day today!!! Thanks for reading bye bye (´^ω^)ノ

March 18, 2022

Today I didnt have school because the quarter ended yesterday. My grades weren't as great as they were first semester becasue the start of the second was pretty stressful for me. But hopefully I can bring them back up in the last quarter! I'm pretty nervous but I've already been doing better. I'm just nervous because I have a ton of big projects due this quarter plus AP tests. [shudders] And there's really not that long left in teh school year!!! Then after that it's time to start doing college apps TT I'm sooo nervous that I'm going to end up really stressed out... pray for me~~ but that's enough talk about schoool i think..
Ahh like I said I had a day off today,, I was really lookign forward to waking up early and makign the most out of it. I set an alarm at 8:30 but I ended up sleeping in anyway and only got out of bed at like 12:30.. prettt disappointing but I had a good day nonetheless. I was plannign to go out and watch the batman but the motivation left my body early in the day... So I ended up working on my site (or, that's what I want you to believe, but really I got distracted looking through gifcities for way too long.. oops!) then I (FINALLY) watched hereditary with alice. To be honest i didn't understand it at all and i am too lazy to read or watch analysis but it really creeped me out o_O ... and I ahd lots of fun. Now I'm sitting here doing this!! and drinking tea (it's genmaicha my faavorite) and chatting with selin and alice. taht's about it i think! have a wonderful day friends (๑•ᴗ•๑) ♡